Porcelain pavers & pedestal systems for commercial paving and elevated roof decks.
Kronos Ebano Teknowood porcelain pavers
Kronos WoodSide Nut porcelain pavers
Kronos Kauri Neram & Donker porcelain pavers
Kronos Rovere Teknowood porcelain pavers

Pedestal Decking Applications

Our structural porcelain pavers are specifically designed for installing on adjustable height pedestals, but these versatile tiles can also be used as patio pavers for laying directly over existing concrete, placed on a gravel or sand bed or bedded in thinset for vehicular applications.

From residential balcony flooring and rooftop decks, to outdoor restaurant decking and large commercial plazas with high volume pedestrian traffic, our porcelain stoneware pavers, Ipe wood tiles and pedestal support systems bring unique style and elegance to any paving project.

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WoodSide Nut pavers

48" x 16" plank style porcelain pavers in simulated wood design.

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Ebano & Faggio pavers

24" x 24" slab pavers in Teknowood simulated wood with ribbed finish.

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Kronos Alta pavers

48" x 24" slab pavers in simulated stone.

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Ipe structural tiles

24" x 24" structural Ipe wood tiles for elevated decks and rooftops.

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pedestal support SYSTEMS

Eterno adjustable height pedestals for building elevated decks.

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Interlocking deck tiles

Interlocking deck tiles in wood, stone and composite wood.

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