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Rubber Deck Support Pads for Laying Pavers over Concrete

Rubber Support Pads

Rubber support pads

When building elevated decks with a pedestal system, at the very lowest elevations (below approx. 1 ½”) its normal to use fixed height supports. Our recommendation is always to use rubber support pads rather than plastic pads due to the superior properties of rubber in terms of shock and sound absorption. These stackable pedestal supports are simply inserted under the corners of the pavers. Inbuilt spacer tabs ensure all pavers are accurately spaced and aligned and speeds the installation.

Our lowest pads are just 3/8″ high (enabling a finished deck height of just 1 1/8″ with our porcelain pavers). You then stack the support pads to reach a maximum height of approx. 1 1/2″ as required.  1/16″ or 1/8″ thick rubber shims are placed between the paver and the pedestal head if minor height adjustments are needed to ensure the pavers don’t rock on the surface.

When you reach approx. 1 1/2″ high, you  can start using adjustable height pedestals, using either the Eterno SE range with self leveling heads, or the more economical NM ‘Maxi” range with its fixed heads and add-in leveling shims.


rubber pedestal support system


Fixed height supports are the ideal solution when laying pavers as a ‘floating’ floor over the top of an existing concrete surface where the pavers are to follow the existing slope of the substrate rather than building perfectly level deck although up to a height of approx 1 1/2″ you can stack the pads to construct a perfectly horizontal surface, provided you don’t need to raise the pavers by more than this.

Although we can supply plastic fixed height support pads rather than rubber if required, we recommend solid rubber pads rather than the plastic since they provide:

  • superior sound absorption
  • added shock protection
  • greater friction between both the pavers and the substrate

These 6″ diameter stackable rubber pedestals are available exclusively from HandyDeck in either 3/8″ (HD-PAD10) or 5/8″ (HD-PAD16) thickness and can be purchased online here.

1/16″ thick shims (HD-SHIM2) are also available.

Samples of our deck support pads are available on request.